Hi, I'm Sonia Corredor,

a graphic designer, creative ​director, and social media ​marketer.

• the art of less, tells more, reduces clutter, makes impact •

About Me

Hello, my name is Sonia, and I am an ​experienced graphic and visual designer. My ​main specialty is in creating designs that ​successfully combine aesthetic appeal with ​practical application. My designs have a unique ​appeal that makes them stand out in today's ​digital environment. Beyond appearance, I ​ensure that my designs are user-centric and ​resonate well, ensuring that they not only have ​visual appeal but also efficiently achieve their ​intended goals. I passionately believe in the ​ideals of minimalist design, which prioritize ​clarity and simplicity. In addition to my career ​successes, I am deeply committed to assisting ​other companies and pushing for environmental ​issues. I regularly lend my design expertise to ​support these campaigns.

Contact Information